Yes, you can eat treats and still lose weight

You are going to be at a party or on vacation, at restaurant or at the movies and you are going to want a treat that is not on your diet plan – chocolate, popcorn, soda, candy, alcohol, cake, pizza, pasta, chips etc. Instead of the painful “should I / shouldn’t I” debate do this instead:

Decide ahead of time

Yup, decide ahead of time when you are going to have a treat and how much you are going to have. Then commit to this plan and take action. You will be making a plan with the part of your brain that plans ahead. This is not the same as a spontaneous eat which comes from the impulsive part of the brain that tends to get us into trouble. If you do this, you are less likely to overeat and will feel more in control.

How much should I plan to eat?

I get this question all the time. It’s very personal. Some people can eat a small treat every day and not gain weight (I am not one of these people) and most people can have a reasonably sized treat about once a week (yes, even pizza, ice cream or brownies) and continue to lose or maintain their weight.

The should I or shouldn’t I debate causes STRESS

And stress causes weight gain through hormonal imbalance and also because when we are stressed we often overeat and/or overdrink. So stop the drama and just DECIDE. Decide what your treat is going to be, eat it, enjoy it and then get back to your regular eating plan.