Yoga Therapeutics Teacher training

Sunday Feb 18th, 2018 at Bhakti Barn in Millburn. Time TBA
For yoga teachers, teacher trainees and practitioners with a strong interest
at The Bhakti Barn, 158 Spring St., Millburn NJ

Yoga Therapeutics is an approach to teaching that combines traditional hatha yoga principles with functional and anatomical insights. This workshop will give yoga teachers a functional knowledge of these techniques so you can offer your students the best of both worlds.

Enroll today to:

  • Expand your knowledge to make your teaching skills more valuable to your students.
  • Gain expertise with proper body alignment in the upper and lower body
  • Learn how to address “problem” poses and typical therapeutic issues in the upper and lower body that you regularly encounter as well as special issues such as immobility, advanced age and chronic injury.

For more information, or to register on the phone, call the Bhakti barn at: (973) 232-6227.

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