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2 Pure Nutrition Workshops at Pure Barre Short Hills May 1,2018 – 6:00  pm and May 3,2018- 7:00 pm

Location: Pure Barre Short Hills – 237 Millburn Ave, Millburn, NJ. Phone: (973) 379-4537

$35 per session, or $50 for both, payable at the front desk
Pure Nutrition events are COMPLIMENTARY for Open Barre members!

Workshop #1: How to lose your last 10 pounds (or 20, 30, 40 more)

May 1 / 6:00pm

  • How to get UNSTUCK from what’s holding you back to get to your dream come true goal weight without feeling DEPRIVED or HUNGRY all the time.
  • The reasons why you are at weight plateau
  • How to stop using food and alcohol to manage mood
  • Check your cravings at the door
  • Get clarity about the nutritional chatter out there
  • Get support (you can’t do this alone)

Workshop #2: What Your Doctor Will Not Tell You (or doesn’t know) About Nutrition

May 3 / 7pm  

Most medical professionals get less than 20 hours of training in nutrition (many get only 2-4 hours) and most of what we are taught is inaccurate or misleading yet food is the pillar of great health. Let Jenny help you get clarity on the most healthy ways to nourish yourself and your family.

  • What is “good” nutrition
  • how the foods we eat can bring on (or prevent) the top causes of chronic illness
  • the “fat myth”
  • the new food pyramid 
  • does milk really do a body good?
  • the basics of food label reading 

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