You are SO AMAZING at finding your flaws

One thing many of us have in common if we are overweight or not at our ideal personal weight is that we JUDGE THE CRAP out of ourselves every day, all day. I once counted how many times during the day I thought about my body and my appearance – noticing its flaws and deficits. It was so many times I actually lost count! I have done this self-criticism so much since tween-hood that I’m really really good at it.

What we practice grows stronger

Our brains get better at what we practice. If you practice self-judgement, inner judge will get super good at judging yourself. However, you can catch yourself judging and intentionally start practicing self-love or self-acceptance (or whatever you intentionally want to cultivate).

Self-judgment causes stressful feelings

And, if you’ve read any of my blogs you know I always say that stress causes overeat and overdrink and hormonal weight gain.

What to do?

Pay attention. Start catching yourself as many times per day as possible negatively judging your body, your face, your hair, your clothes, what you said or did. Then, decide to intentionally create a thought that creates a feeling of acceptance. This is a very personal practice. Some of my clients say “I love you” to themselves, some do a practice that will bring them to the present moment like noticing the feeling of the feet on the floor. Some find this practice useful. Simply noticing this habit may even be enough.

You might judge yourself for judging yourself

Often times we are so amazingly practiced at judging that we when we notice how often we self-criticize we judge ourselves for judging ourselves. Guess what…that’s just another form of judgment. Like any other form, just observe your judgy thoughts.