jenny hed

  • MS, PA-C
  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • Advanced training in functional and integrative medicine through the institute of Functional Medicine.
  • Registered yoga teacher (RYT)

I help women learn to eat in sync with their body’s innate patterns to bring them to their natural weight and stay there. 

I am a functional and integrative Physician Assistant and Certified Nutrition Coach. And, I am a working mom who had her own mid-life wellness and weight loss journey. I finally figured it out and I want to share my strategies with other woman.

As a functional medicine provider, I have advanced training in and understanding of chronic disease as well as the hormonal changes that accompany mid-life. I believe all women, regardless of age, deserve to feel vital and and AMAZING!

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YES! I’m ready to lose weight permanently

2 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. hello Dr. Jenny I’m contacting you today in desperate need your help. my name is Clifford Munn and I’m 43 with no major health issues. I weigh 174 at 6’2″ I’m of English ethnicity and currently living in Toms River, NJ. my health concerns are that
    I been suffering from chronic acid reflux and psoriatic arthritis for over 10 years now. under the care of typical western medicine practitioners without any real change of the underlying causes only treating the symptoms has got locked me into being on these prescriptions for life. as they add on more medications to treat side effects of current medications, I can’t begin to tell you the negitive effects this has had on my life.
    the three perscription medications I’m currently taking are :
    Nexium –
    Wellbutrin –
    Enbrel –
    the urgency being I’m long overdue for fusion surgery of my S1-L5 vertebrae. its been suggested by my neurosurgeon that I seek guidance and advice of both a licensed dietitian practitioner as well as a physical therapy to get my guy health restored and core muscles toned before undergoing the procedure.
    it’s my belief that the Nexium has caused some damages to my cartilage resulting in tears and dislocations. nothing to bad just an intercostal tear and another tear of my sternum. both have been debilitation and are taking a very long time to recover. to me this is all sign that I’ve got to start at the core of my very being to restore my health from the bones to soft tissue on out to my skin. I’m very excited to have found you by listening to Dr. Mark Hyman and discovering Fuctional Med.Org
    thank you if you’ve found the time to read into my sichuation here and I look forward to hearing back from your practice to know what the next step is for me.
    thank you in advance
    Warmly – Clifford

    • Hi Clifford. I’m so sorry that you’re suffering. I believe functional medicine has a lot to offer you in the way of restoration. You are definitely on the right path with your thinking regarding gut health. If you would like to come in or do a phone consult, please call the office at 201–791–7771. I will also be sending you this information via email.

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