How to Just Be

I consider myself an extremely productive person. My husband jokes that if he leaves me alone for 20 minutes he’ll find me re-tarring the roof, learning a new language or re-organizing our cabinets.
Being productive is wonderful. It’s gotten me to where I am in my career as well as in my personal life but I think I need some remedial training on how to just be.
One of my new practices is to focus on my senses. I start each day with the intention that I will savor every taste, notice everything I touch, smell, hear or see. That usually lasts about 90 seconds before I forget to practice it. But, the more I remind myself to do this practice the more successful I know I will be. Even through the practice of forgetting and remembering, I am changing my habits.
How does this fit into weight loss and health? I believe that we often use food as our main pleasure and stress reliever. By slowing down to savor life through our senses, we can have a little moments of stress relief and pleasure.