If what you are doing for weight loss isn’t working…try one of these 7 things:

I know this seems obvious but, if what you are doing to lose weight is not effective you might consider trying something else.

But first…

  1. Evaluate if you are really committed. I have a lot of clients who tell me that they tried a specific diet like Keto or Paleo or some other plan and it just didn’t work for them. Often, upon investigation, I find that whatever strategy they were using they did for a week actually did lose a bit of weight but got bored or frustrated or quit. or, they got off track and just kept going.
  2. Consider getting evaluated for a medical reason as to why you aren’t losing weight. Hormone imbalance is often a factor in weight loss issues. Have you had your thyroid checked? If you are woman over 35 have you had your female hormones tested? Are you insulin resistant? Working with a good functional medicine provider is always a great place to start to get these things properly tested.
  3. Consider working with a coach, medical provider or nutritionist who completely understands (and has had success with) sustainable nutrition plans. While many of us are successful at doing things on their own there is so much misinformation out there and there are so many people trying to make a buck on the latest diet fad. It’s a good idea to work with someone who actually understands how different foods affect your body and, this may save you time and money in the long run.
  4. Ask yourself if you are looking for a quick fix. I have patients and clients who come to me every day and ask for pills, injections or potions that will help them lose weight and I have to inform them that no such magical medication exists. If it did, I would be handing it out. The only effective and sustainable weight loss technique is to change the quantity and type of food you are eating.
  5. Are you relying on working out? This might have been effective when you were younger but working out (unless you are an Olympic athlete exercising for 6 hours a day) does not make much of a dent in terms of weight loss.
  6. Do you give yourself a pass on the weekend? I’m all for the occasional treat but being super consistent all week and then loosening things up from Friday night to Sunday night may sabotage your efforts during the week.
  7. Are you already at a healthy and maintainable weight? I’m not saying you can’t tweak your diet to get a lower number on the scale but, is your weight goal reasonable? This calculation (though cumbersome) might be useful.