Are you sabotaging your weight loss goals with your mind? Part 5: I have no time to food prep

I’ve been discussing how we use our mind sabotage ourselves. A lot of us are under the assumption that the only way to lose weight is through food prep. I agree food prep is a great way to save money and to ensure that you have tight control over what goes into your body.

Do you have the thought “I can’t lose weight because I can’t food prep”?

Ask yourself: what are the obstacles to prepping food? Write them down.

When you have a problem, use my mantra: I CAN FIGURE SHIT OUT

It’s so easy to just throw in the towel when faced with an obstacle. But, you are REALLY good at figuring things out. If not, you wouldn’t be as successful in other areas as you are today. Apply the same technique of problem solving to your food prep as you do to the other aspects of you life and HAVE FAITH that you CAN figure shit out.

Changing your thinking to solve your problems

Here are some examples of food prep obstacles which are just sneaky sabotaging thoughts (and how you might train yourself to respond):

  1. I can’t food prep because I don’t know how to cook (I can take a course, watch a you tube video)
  2. I don’t have time to chop (I can buy pre-chopped veggies, I can ask my teens/spouse, nanny/mom/dad to pre-chop some veggies)
  3. No way can I cook right now (I can subscribe to a meal service)
  4. I don’t know what to make. (I have a smartphone or computer and I can pretty much research anything I want on there)
  5. I don’t want to try out a new recipe – what if I hate  it? What if I burn it (I might make mistakes but I will eventually get into my groove)
  6. I don’t want to eat the same thing every day (I can prep 2-3 different things and freeze and rotate them, I can experiment with different recipes and spices)
  7. Because of my schedule, I am forced to eat out (I can review the menus ahead of time, I can make the best possible choices)
  8. What if I feel hungry (Hunger is never an emergency, I can wait a few minutes or longer)

What do you tell yourself when you have an obstacle? Post below if you have thoughts.