Are you sabotaging your weight loss goals with your mind? Part 3: Are you blaming your genes?

Today I’m continuing with my series on the types of thoughts that might be sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Are you sabotaging yourself with thoughts that others have some special talent you don’t have or have superior genes?

I’m a medical provider as well as a weight loss coach so I’m not going to tell you that genetics don’t play a role in your body type and your physical and mental health. I work with otherwise healthy people every day that have to be extra careful (and even take medications) to avoid life-threatening diseases because of genetic risk.

There’s even evidence that genetics play a role in which political party we choose. Total aside – check out this podcast on the subject of genetics and political preference (confession: I’m a podcast junkie). But, genetics are NOT the only reason we are overweight. Health and wellness are where genetics and lifestyle meet.


FACT: Few people are “naturally” thin and fit and can eat whatever they want and never exercise

The truth is most people who are at their goal weight or who have achieved any form of success have WORKED HARD to get there. While they might make it look easy when you see them gracefully running on the treadmill in the gym or rocking the little black dress, you don’t see the behind the scenes of how they got there and how they stay there. If you did, you’d see a lot of work and a lot of messiness.

Watch your thoughts: are you continually comparing yourself to others as either an excuse or a way to put yourself down?

If so, follow the steps I outlined in part 1: Ask yourself:

  1. What am I thinking (e.g. “she is just naturally thinner than me so I shouldn’t even bother” or “I’m not even going to bother because my family is all overweight.”)
  2. Ask yourself: are those helping me or sabotaging me? And, are they even true?
  3. What might I think that would help me? Or, what would I tell a friend in the same situation?