Stop feeling guilty (doesn’t work) and press RESET (works)

When you make a mistake or lose commitment whether it’s your diet, your exercise regime, your relationships, work or whatever do you feel an overriding sense of guilt and failure? If so…ask yourself “is this guilt going to help me get to my goals?” You will likely notice that the guilt spiral is not getting you the results you want because:

  1. Guilt is no substitute for action
  2. Guilt is a stressful feeling

…and what do most of us do when we have stressful feelings? Go for a jog? Meditate? HELL NO…we want to shut up those feelings immediately so we EAT OR DRINK  to make those yicky feelings go away.

Here’s the solution: The Magical Reset Button

How to do it:

  1. Recognize you’ve gone off track (remember a 300 calorie mistake is much better than a 3,000 calorie mistake)
  2. Reset RIGHT NOW. Just get right back on track this minute
  3.  ask yourself why you lost commitment in the first place. Did you have a “F&*$ it” moment (oh well, I already ate the bagel I might as well keep going with the waffles and the ice cream)? Were you in a social situation and didn’t want to stick out? Were you eating to avoid yicky feelings?
  4. Ask yourself “what might I do next time if I am in the same situation?”

and I am now giving you UNLIMITED RESET BUTTONS!