“I want to lose weight but I don’t have time right now”

“I want to lose weight but I don’t have time right now”

I hear that from clients a lot! Like them, you know you do better with your diet when you plan and prep your meals ahead, but you have too many other things to do on the weekend. You want to exercise, but first you need to take your kids to their practice. Your doctor has told you to get your blood sugar down, but you are taking care of your parents. Or visiting colleges with your high schooler. Or dealing with contractors. Or paying bills. Or a million other things. Fact is, you haven’t done anything to achieve your health and wellness goals, because juggling family, work and everything else takes up all your time and then some. 

You’re busy. I get it. You aren’t doing what you need to do for your health and wellness because you believe you have no time, and your own well-being seems like the least important thing. But what if I told you that being “busy” is nothing but a smokescreen? Because it is.

When you define yourself as “busy” you are avoiding the most important things in your life you want because “busy” is a DREAM STEALER. Making your dreams come true requires that you prioritize your dreams, set them as definable goals, then plan for success. This is the ultimate in self-care.

Stop for a moment and write down the 3 things you want to do before the end of this year for your health and wellness. Write them down on paper or on your smart phone notepad. You can always burn that piece of paper or delete the note. Admit to yourself what you really, REALLY want. DREAM BIG. Dreams become goals when you admit them to yourself fully and they become reality when you plan for them. Now, ask yourself, “am I putting any time into those things that I really desire?” Isn’t it worth thirty minutes to one hour per day to work on your actual goals?  When you set your goals and then align your thoughts and actions to achieve them, that’s how you make your dreams come true! So what are you waiting for? Get busy with your dreams!