“I’ve tried everything for weight loss and nothing has worked”

“I’ve tried everything for weight loss and nothing has worked”

I was talking with a woman at the grocery store today who complained that she had tried EVERYTHING to lose 20 pounds since having children 21 years ago. 21 years of trying to lose weight! I get it. She said “I’ve tried every diet out there, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Paleo and NOTHING literally nothing has worked. Maybe I lose 5 pounds but then I gain it back and I feel so deprived and hungry on these diets.” She asked me “how come these diets work for other people and not for me? I’m just giving up and enjoying my food.”

She was so discouraged. This is a common feeling. We all want the perfect diet plan that will help us lose and we research and research, we google and ask everyone to no avail. And this is because, there aren’t ANY perfect plans because it’s not the plan, it’s your brain that’s keeping you from losing and keeping off the weight.

So many of us start a plan, don’t lose, or lose a bit then slip up, go back, slip up, go back until we eventually give up. Is this you? This was me until I figured out that one of the secrets to long-lasting weight loss is wide-awake, mindful eating all the time, every day. I tried cleanses, detoxes, fasts and pretty much every diet out there. And…yes, you do need an amazing, nutrient-rich diet BUT if you do not practice mindful eating every day, eating only when you are hungry and stopping when you not hungry, you will likely not get to your goals and stay there. Mindful eating also involves working on your cravings and learning how to manage those overwhelming feelings that we turn to food and alcohol to deal with. And, best of all, mindfulness allows you to enjoy the food you are eating. So…you can really enjoy your food AND not feel deprived. Isn’t that amazing? It makes losing weight so much less effortful.

I invite you to go deeper into your own hunger signals by taking a few breaths before each meal and then pausing during the meal to check in with yourself. Ask yourself…am I really hungry? If not, put down the fork. Remember, you can always eat again later.

I didn’t get to tell this amazing information to the woman in the grocery store because she ran off to finish her shopping. I hope she sees this post!