Stop judging the *&@# out of yourself

Are you not where you want to be in life, with your weight, with your relationships etc.? What are you doing about it? If you are like most people, you are sitting around comparing yourself to others or to your own expectations of yourself i.e. judging the HOLY CRAP out yourself.

Sorry but you can’t turn off your inner judge

We are wired to judge ourselves and others. That’s how we have stayed alive these millions of years as a species. But, without the daily existential threats that affected our hunter gatherer ancestors, we have turned our judgement internally often finding ourselves coming up short. I believe it is nearly impossible to completely stop judging yourself and, by extension, others. However there is one thing you can do…

Notice when you judge yourself

That’s it…just pay attention and then decide whether or not this judgment is serving your goals or not. If not, why hold on to your judgy thoughts? Instead…

Take action (because judgment is never a substitute for action.)

Take action every day to get to those dream goals. Do you you want to lose weight? Work on your nutrition. Do you want to change careers? Start taking action to make that happen.