There are 3 reasons we eat. Do you know which one is motivating you?

News flash: before you even take a bite there is always a thought in your head that tells you what to eat and when to eat. Have you ever stopped and paid attention to the messages your brain is sending you before you take that bite?

The 3 reasons we eat

  1. Fuel eating: eating fueling foods when you are physically hungry (how do I know?) to make the fuel you need to run your body. Fuel is made out of carbs, fats or proteins.
  2. Fun eating: A treat you have planned.
  3. “Something else” eating: spontaneous eating for ANY other reason the fuel or (planned) fun (ex. boredom, loneliness, feelings of social obligation, anxiety, fatigue)

Remember: it’s usually the “something else” eating that gets us into trouble.

So, next time you get the urge to eat:

  1. Ask yourself: what am I thinking?
  2. Ask yourself: what am I feeling (e.g. hungry, tired, bored, anxious, snacky, craving)
  3. As yourself: why am I eating?
  4. If the answer is anything other than eating for fuel or for a strategic treat, take a moment and find out what you REALLY need (hint, it’s not the brownie). Because I PROMISE YOU that whatever problem you are trying to solve with the brownie will NOT be fixed with the brownie and is probably making my problems WORSE.