Q: what sweeteners can I use to substitute for sugar in my coffee or tea?

Most of my clients are aware that many sweeteners present health risks and seek alternatives that are safer types of sweeteners for their coffee or tea.  So, several times per week I get asked what sweeteners are safest to use.

Confession…I used to give people a list of sweeteners that were less horrible than say sugar or saccharin but I realized I was simply covering a gaping wound with a band-aid and not getting to the root of the issue.

So now, I ask them and I’m asking you:


This is a powerful question to ask yourself. I’ve talked in previous posts about foods that fuel such as vegetables, proteins and fats. When you find yourself thinking that you NEED non-fueling foods such as sugar or flour or an alcoholic drink ask yourself WHY? What is happening in my brain that is causing to me think that I could not possible live without this substance?

Most of us are eating some for of sugar or sweetener EVERY day. I was too for many years whether it was my little piece of chocolate after dinner, that pile of grapes, gum and mints or those hidden sugars in foods such as sushi rice, cereals, crackers or ketchup. It wasn’t until I took a long hard look at myself and my reliance on sweets that I decided to (primarily) give them up and then PRESTO I lost a LOT of weight and enjoyed a myriad of other mental and physical health benefits as well.

But I CAN’T have my coffee or tea unsweetened

Well…yes you can. You just THINK you can’t. That’s all that is just a THOUGHT that you made up in your brain. It’s not a fact, it’s not even true. So, you can decide ahead of time to LIKE your coffee or tea without sweetener. Yes, just decide. If you are anything like my clients, you will quickly acclimated to the taste of the coffee or tea without sweetener and may even wonder why you ever drank it with sweetener at all. With sugar and other sweets, the more we consume, the more we want. It feels so great to free of this endless need for sweet.

Next week, I’ll explain more of why we are so addicted to sweets (and what to do about it).