Sugar in my bacon!!?? (My favorite paleo hacks part 2)

If you read my last blog post about the fact that most commercial mayonnaise contains sugar or sweeteners, you know I am a HUGE advocate about reading labels to find ingredients that are not consistent with great health. One of those ingredients is hidden sugars. So many of my clients tell me that sugar is in EVERYTHING. Once you start reading labels with a fine tooth comb, it can really seem that way.

One of the places where you might find hidden sweeteners is in smoked meats and fish such as bacon. Most bacon products (even the organic, grass fed, nitrate-free ones) have some sort of sweetener in them. But I’ve found a few without. One of my favorites is Wellshire Farms Sugar Free Dry Rubbed bacon. They make a pork and turkey variety. There are other sugar-free products out there as well. This product is also nitrate free. I prepare it on the stove top in a cast iron frying pan or ceramic non-stick pan or bake it in the oven. Warning: this particular brand is very salty. If you are avoiding salt, I would not recommend using this product.