Diet – The Cornerstone of Health

Diet – The Cornerstone of Health

No interventions – medications or natural supplements will ever replace the power of the food that you eat and great health is nearly impossible without addressing this core issue.

What is the first step to improving my diet? 

Conscious eating is the first step to improving our diet. There are very few things we have any great degree of control over especially in daily life but diet is one that we do quite a bit of say in.

Right now…today…take note of what you are eating, when, how much and who prepared the meal or snack. This can be done as a simple observation or you can keep a food journal for a few weeks. Note how you feel before you eat (ex: stressed, starving, bored, tired…) and how you feel after (ex: craving sweets, fatigued, satisfied, bloated, gassy) and, if you are journaling, write this down too.

This is not an exercise in beating yourself up – please don’t judge yourself for the choices you make. This first step is simply one of witnessing and awareness so you can then make the changes necessary in future.

In later blog posts, I will make more specific recommendations regarding dietary choices and foods to avoid.

Until next time…

Jenny Kalina PA-C