I’ve heard many people in their golden years say “if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything.” Any of us who have suffered from any form of injury or acute or chronic illness can attest to the fact that good health and vitality are the greatest riches we can have and when we don’t feel well, all the material possessions in the world won’t help.

Do you have chronic disease? Are you fatigued? Do you have trouble with your digesting, your sleep or with chronic headaches? Or, would you like to preserve the health you have as you age and practice prevention? I will offer some ideas and strategies to help whether you are sick with chronic disease or merely wish to stave off illness and premature aging.

Many of us are already educated about nutrition, fitness etc. and are dong an amazing job of keeping well most of the time. More of us know what to do but are still keeping with habits that we know are harmful to us. And, loads of us are misinformed or overwhelmed by the amount of information that is constantly flying around us regarding health and wellness.

My aim is to simplify wellness and give a perspective on wellness that is reasonable and doable. In my medical practice I integrate the best of what I’ve learned through personal experimentation along with what I’ve discovered through evidence based research and what my patients and yoga students tell me has worked for them.

Where does the journey to total wellness begin? What we’ve done in the past may inform our present mind and body but it is not useful to dwell on the past, to feel guilty or beat ourselves up. Start with today…what can I do today? Perhaps it’s taking a short walk or spending 5 minutes with eyes closed concentrating on the breath. Remember that today really is the first day of the rest of your life!

Until next time…